• Today was my first class there, the adults were super nice, they helped the kids that needed it. I kept falling during the cardio, and they were like, “you got this” or “I’m right here”, “you’re doing great. When I put on the gloves, I was beaming with joy, it was incredible. Definitely going back.

    Grace Marraffa
  • Very great gym for newcomers! The coaches/Professors really motivate you to do your best! I’ve been going for a short time and already see a lot of improvement!

    Jon Houston
  • Armezzani Jiu Jitsu Acadey is definitely the best BJJ school in the Pittsburgh area.  It is a great experience to learn from and train with one of the top black belts in the region.  My son and daughter also love Armezzani.  They have learned so many useful skills and techniques that have boosted their confidence, focus, self-esteem, and athleticism.

    Jim Clark
  • Very welcoming to visitors to come in and train. Knowledgeable instructors and friendly atmosphere

    Samantha Seff
  • I started about a week ago, and reserved putting a review out until I took more classes. I take the BJJ and kickboxing classes, and I really like it. Each instructor has been friendly, and welcoming. The atmosphere is very conducive to learning. There are people of all levels training. I wasn't made to feel like and outsider at all, and all the higher belts are willing to explain things.

    Steph Cribbs
  • Amazing place with a family like atmosphere! The coaches are top notch and take the time to train and coach.

    Tabitha Pinkerton Casias
  • My son has been training at Pride Lands PGH for about 5 months and i have never seen him so excited for something. I started training there about 4 months ago and love every session. Proffesor Lou Armezzani is very passionate about bring up the next generation of grapplers and is awesome with the kids. He is one of the most patient people i have ever met and brings many years of training and experience to the mats. If you want to start training this is the place no matter the skill level or age!

    Joshua Thomas
  • Excellent gym!
    Professor Lou is an excellent instructor and just all around nice guy (off the mat).
    Gym is clean and well run. 
    Good variety of belts and body types. 
    You won’t be disappointed!

    Piper Kilpatrick
  • This is a top notch Jiu Jitsu school!  You will definitely not be steered wrong here.  Professor Lou and his instructors are the best of the best!

    Eric Rugh
  • Louis and Chase give amazing instruction, focusing on technique and confidence. They have excellent interpersonal skills in addition to being a wealth of knowledge.  I feel stronger, and healthier in my mind and body. I recommend this for anyone wanting to learn self-defense.

    Meda Val

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